Textural Focal Frames and Tapestries

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Building a succulent mosaic is so satisfying to the soul; combine the myriad textures and colours of succulent plants in a mosaic or tapestry to hang on the wall.


Never has wall art had so much appeal – swirling designs of mandalas or monograms in succulents, patterns of rich color and texture are the succulent gardeners trademark.

See these mandalas for a jumping off point for inspiration.

All you need is a frame of wood with wire mesh stapled over it to hold the soil in place, lots of unrooted succulent cuttings, and a place to leave your mosaic to root undisturbed.

Your mosaic can be a random selection of various kinds of succulents, or a more select grouping. Either way, it’ gonna be spectacular!

The main consideration is that the frame should be strong enough to hang on the wall without falling apart, dumping your precious succulent plants on the ground.

Sturdy hooks into a strong fence or wall is crucial too.

Sempervivum are the absolute best plants for many succulent crafts

Here’s how to make a Succulent Mosaic:

  • Start with a frame of 5cm lumber, or use what ever is available. Cut four pieces for the sides. Screw the pieces together firmly. The backing can be plywood, or a flat piece of metal. No holes are necessary for drainage, as there will be enough where it’s attached to the side pieces.
  • Add soil mix filling the frame.
  • Wire or plastic mesh is stapled over the soil.
  • Lots of unrooted cuttings are poked through the mesh into the soil. Leave the frame horizontal while they root – up to several months for some species.

Some of the best succulent species to use for outside are Sedum, Sempervivum and other hardy succulents. For indoor use; many of the smaller types of Echeveria, Crassula, tender Sedum such as Sedum morganianum (donkey tail) or Sedum calvifolia can be used.

Once they’re rooted and established, carefully hang the frame on the wall. Water by sprinkling occasionally, or take the frame and immerse it in a tub of water for a few minutes. Allow to drain, and then re-hang it.

Choose a brightly lit area to display your succulent mosaic, such as under a skylight. Your plants will flourish as long as they get enough light.

Mixed Sedum and Sempervivum combine perfectly in this frame