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    by Darcy

    Bought this succulent (I assume its a succulent)shrub at a plant fair in Egypt about a year ago. The guy referred to it, in Arabic, as a “Napoleon cactus” but I can’t seem to track it down. Stems are dull green, upright, thick, fleshy. Leaves are heavy, stiff, triangular, can be ten or twelve inches long and maybe 6 across. They come in pairs, opposite. They’re covered in a soft brown fuzz. When the lower leaves die they dry and drop off, leaving heart-shaped scars on the stems. The whole shrub, when healthy, was about three feet tall and maybe four across the crown.
    It was thriving but in the last week all but the very newest leaves have curled and dropped. Any ID or medical tips much appreciated!

    Drought Smart Plants reply:

    Hi Darcy, I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your plant – unfortunately, I can’t help you identify it, or give you any advice without a picture! Please re-post with some pictures if possible, and I’ll try and help you out.