Intriguing and Fascinating Tiny Landscapes

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We’ve all seen them on social media – everyone seems to be building and showing them off. They are fun to make, and catch our imagination more than any other garden trend.


Fairy gardens can be small enough to fit on a table top, or made into a tiny town around the base of a stump.

They are realistic, with little furniture for the fairies to sit on and drink their tea, or just made with subtle hints of the presence of the little people.

Terra cotta pots make fabulous fairy gardens, and they’re the perfect way to use those pots that are somewhat fragile and might not make it through the winter.

This one is on the sister site, Blue Fox Farm where you can also learn how to break the pot safely if you don’t have one already in shards;


You can make a tiny landscape in a flat box, a shallow dish, or on the ground. There is no limit to what you can accomplish – let your imagination run.

A half rotted stump in your garden made into a chalet, castle or retreat for the little people is so much fun. They won’t mind being a destination for your garden rambles, so if you have a tiny woodland, make a fairy garden focal point to aim for.

Children and adults alike get right into the spirit of it.

There are courses to take at garden centers to learn how to fit your inspiration into a bowl or birdbath.

Here are some of my favorite accessories for a fairy garden;

Looking for really cute Fairy Garden accessories? Here is a great selection;

Still want more? Here’s a few more;

These Fairy Garden accessories would add that really cute touch;

There are lots of ideas for you to get started on Pinterest – I’ve collected a few on my board below. Whether your fancy runs more to moss gardens, or something that looks more like a sandy shore, the inspiration is endless.


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