Adding Value to your Property, Garden and Home

Xeric garden projects can add more than simply a beautiful place to relax, read or entertain; a well planned addition can be of financial benefit, too.

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It’s estimated that landscaping, including patios, decks, paths and gazebos, as well as carefully chosen low maintenance plantings can add a dollar value of over 15% to the value of your house, and you can recoup up to 80% of the cost of the project when you sell.

Even if you have no immediate plans to sell your house, simply enjoying the plantings as they mature can make you money in the long term.

After kitchen and bathroom remodels, curb appeal is a top feature for home purchasers.

With ever more emphasis on xeriscaping and lowering our carbon impact, green landscaping has never been more popular.

Some of the best xeric garden projects are those that add even more value as plants fill in and soften, but simply cramming in plants without some care for their ultimate height and spread is a recipe for more hard work in a few years.

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Good landscaping has correctly spaced plants, and some sacrificial species which can be relocated as other more desirable ones fill in.

Choice of plants is best based on their preference of soil type and moisture requirements, so all parts of the garden can be dealt with as a whole cohesive unit.

Any plants that require certain conditions such as more water, special soil or other considerations won’t add much to the landscape and are better planted in containers or a rain garden where they can receive more customized care.

Best Xeric Garden Projects

Rock retaining walls to terrace a steep slope, making more flat areas to grow plants, prevent soil erosion and conserve water are a good place to start.

Ponds and Water Features

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Garden Ponds add movement to your garden; always changing, they reflect the sky, attract birds and wildlife and are a safe haven for tiny amphibians.

A small waterfall will even attract hummingbirds to have a little splash, and many insects depend on the water for their larvae, such as dragonflies.

What would a garden be without some kind of water feature?

Water capture projects such as swales and berms are best done early in the construction phase as they require serious earth moving.

Ecosystem Ponds are the most popular of all xeric garden projects that homeowners undertake; however if a real water feature is not possible, how about a dry streambed?

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Pathways and Patios

Bricks, pavers and walkways using other techniques such as soil cement lend themselves to projects on a small scale.

Many landscapers will tackle larger projects for you, and can give you a quote.

Patios are one of the best small projects for adding value and livability to your garden.

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Shady and private, your very own patio can be a simple (yet so satisfying) project…

Pergolas and Gazebos

Adding height to the garden also creates another dimension. A vertical focal point to grow vines on or for shaded seating adds value to guests and visitors with a romantic place to pause.

Thyme lawns are best planted in the early fall after the heat of summer is over. This is a perfect project to prepare for through the dryer months.

Once planted, the thyme plants will establish their root systems in the cooler days and autumn rains. Filling in over the next few seasons, this fairly long term project pays huge dividends in added value, as well as less maintenance.

Your xeric garden projects can be incorporated over time – one or two projects of this scale per season makes improving the beauty – and the value – of your xeric garden an achievable goal.

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