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by Meg Benhase
(Tucson, Arizona USA)


close up of flower

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I bought one of these for my mother for mother’s day from the local Target store. In a year or two it had made several new plants which she gave to her daughters.

I am trying to find out what kind of plant it is. The main plant is about 10 inches across.

It blooms once a year in the spring through summer. the blooms last a long time and open from the bottom of the stem up.

I am including some photos I have taken of the plant my mother gave me. It is a cutting from the plant I bought her. It reproduces rather easily from cutting.

Comments for Echeveria?

Jul 08, 2010

Echeveria / Pachyveria?
by: Jacki

Hi Meg,
What a fabulous plant – and so healthy!

I’ve never seen the blooms on the Pachyveria (which is a generic cross between Echeveria and Pachyphytum) but the leaves on this look similar to some of the Pachyveria – slightly thinner than most Echeveria.

Regardless, it’s a lovely plant, and their care requirements are the same – and obviously you’re doing everything right – bright light, copious water and drying out in between, and occasional fertilizing.

May 06, 2011

by: jacquie

In my opinion this is ‘Morning Light’ or ‘Morning Star’ the sister hybrids to ‘Afterglow’. The flower stem is the same but it is in the paler palette.