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Rescued from a pot of similar succulents, this came to me as a tiny 8cm tall castaway and grew to the size photographed (about 14cm wide) after about a year in a south facing window.

I’m no longer in possession of the plant but could ask for a more recent photo if needs be.

I’ve since seen it having grown a long stem (which went across, rather than up) as if it was about to flower, but never saw the actual flower.

It has also ballooned in size to about 20cm wide if my memory serves me correctly. It’s always had a lightish blueish colour and I’m mostly interested because I photographed it in infrared last year, and wish to give it’s full latin title.

From the images on this site I’ve made my best guess, but don’t feel confident enough to be sure.

Many thanks for any further info.

I’m going to say that it could be E. glauca, or possibly E. imbricata, which is also that lovely powder blue, with very similar growth habit and leaf shape.

Compare these here:

Echeveria imbricata

Echeveria glauca

Echeveria runyonii is more silvery, so I am leaning away from that. Of course, there is no guarantee that it’s not actually some other hybrid!

Hope that helps narrow it down a bit,