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something fell on my little (i think..echeveria runyonii) plant and the top half of the plant broke off. Can I save it? If I take the top all the way off, will the bottom keep growing and look good again?

Drought Smart Plants reply:
You have it backwards! If you take the top and re-root it, the top is the part that will look better. That plant is in an absolutely gorgeous bowl – I’d love to know more about it.

Here’s what I would do with your plant;

Take the broken part of the plant, and remove the lower two leaves (or enough that you have a couple of centimeters of bare stem (1/2″) and then stick that part into DRY potting soil/gravel.

You must use really well drained soilless mix with no lime in it for Echeveria.

In a couple of weeks, you’ll see that the plant is growing and has new roots – it’s magic!

Now for the bottom part.

This will heal up and most likely, as you’ve removed the top part, it will shoot out new growth from one or several dormant buds below the cut off part.

This is why I say the top part will be better looking.

However, once the new little rosettes are healthy and growing, you can carefully take those off, and root them exactly the same way you did the top.

Then you’ll have several new plants for your collection, or as gifts.

Happy Succulent Growing!

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