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by Robert

Chain Store Succulents


Bought these succulents from a chain store a few days ago.
The only written information was: succulent mix.
Can you help me please ID them.

Comments for Mystery Chain Store Succulents

Sep 22, 2010
All the way from Poland!
by: Jacki

Hi Robert – thanks for stopping by!
You have a nice start on a collection of tender succulent plants. Welcome to the obsession!

The bronze one is a favorite of mine – Sedeveria nussbaumerianum ‘Coppertone’ – apt name for the suntanned appearance. Sedeveria are a generic hybrid of Echeveria and Sedum, so you can follow the same rules for care for either of those plants – warm temperatures, dry air and soil, with the occasional good thorough watering with tepid water – rain water is preferred as water with hard chemicals or minerals can mark the leaves of many succulents.

This blog has a gorgeous picture of it, and refers to it as Sedum.

The greeny blue one is Echeveria pulidonis and the final one is one I’m not familiar with, but looks like an Echeveria. To care for these see the page on how to grow Echeveria. Good luck with your collection!

Sep 24, 2010
Greeting from Poland
by: Robert

Hi Jacki,

Thank you for your answer,it was very helpful.
the Sedeveria nussbaumerianum ‘Coppertone’ is really very beautiful and hope it will grow big and healthy :).

As for the one with yellow tips,someone suggested that it was spray painted is it possible?maybe i should wait for new growth?

And you are 100% right,succulents are addictive,maybe they should put some warning when selling them:)

Good luck and thank you.

Sep 24, 2010
Chain store succulents
by: Anonymous

Hi Robert,
uh oh!!! I think you’ve been “bitten by the bug”. I TRY to avoid even glancing at the grocery store plants… but, far too often, I succumb and come home with another one. (sigh)
I bought a plant that looks very much like the “Coppertop” one about a month ago,and wondered what it was. Mine’s a bit more leggy, so I chopped the top off and am trying to reroot it.
Echeveria’s are my favorites, but I’ve never seen one like the bright red one…. I wonder if they DO spray paint them? I can’t think it would be good for the plant. You’ll have to let us know whether the red stays or disappears. If it’s natural, you have a VERY striking plant.
Good luck, hope they grow well for you.

Sep 24, 2010
Spray painted succulents?
by: Jacki

Oh, they wouldn’t! I think your Echeveria pulidonis may have been kept in quite dim conditions – as desert plants, they require bright light, and it’s also possible that it has been over watered.

Keep in mind that many wholesale growers that sell to chain stores don’t necessarily have the best interests of the plants in mind, so the soil mix they use could me much too heavy and moisture retentive than what succulents need.

Please watch carefully for rotting starting at or below soil level, and immediately take steps if this happens.