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Hi I have two true patato seeds that have sprouted but the one on the right grew first but it had the seed still attached for one or two days after germinating and I had to remove it.

I might have in the process of doing so damaged a leaf or I could be wrong it got damaged on its own. Point is it sprouted first and the second seed sprouted two days or 3 later and looks very healthy should I pick the first one ? Cause it sprouted first – does this mean it’s the strongest cause it sprouted first or cause of the stress it had with it’s seed it won’t be worth growing or it won’t be a strong plant?

Does a first to sprout seed mean it’s stronger?

Thanks don’t mind the light green mold trying to grow had it a bit too close to my grow lights thanks.

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Apr 04, 2022

Why choose now?
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

I would wait a while to see which one takes off and looks healthy in a month or two. You have lots of room in the pot for both. Honestly, there is no way to predict which one will be stronger at this point. There is no real evidence that a precocious seed (one that sprouts faster) is any stronger than one that held back and gave it all in a slower fashion.

Pulling off the seed coat is not recommended – let them fall off on their own. There’s nothing to be gained, and yes, it can damage the delicate baby parts. The part most delicate is actually the root, where it comes out of the seed. If it’s underground you can’t see the damage until it’s too late. Leaves can be damaged without impacting the plant. Stand back a bit and see what happens.

To diminish the mold, use turkey grit or fine gravel on the surface to prevent it from getting the light. Also start with sterilized potting soil when growing plants from seed.