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by Katie
(Asheville nc)

Okay, my question may get a bit lengthy but here it goes…
I just went to Home Depot and got several succulents… One is an echeveria asstd. (echeveria spp.). The second is an echeveria ‘perle Von nurnberg’ / (gibbiflora v. Metallica x potosina). The third, a sedum nussbaumeriaum. And last, an argyroderma spp..

I was going to plant the the nussbaumeriaum separately and then the other three together? Will those three be okay together, as far as watering goes and such?

Also, can I use cactus mix for all of these?

I’m also curious about the names… What is gibbiflora v. Metallica x potosina? A hybrid of sorts? And the spp and asstd abbreviations.. What are those?

I bought a new jade plant, as well. Can I plant my jade in an orchid pot? The type with holes throughout..? It looks really good and I’m pretty curious.

Thanks so much! I hope to hear from you soon 🙂


Hi Katie, that is a lot of questions! I’ll try to answer briefly.

First of all, great choices; all of those are spectacular plants, and I would just plant them all together, including the Sedum, unless of course, you have a reason why the Sedum should be planted somewhere else. They take close to the same care, except for the Echeveria prefer no lime in the soil, and Sedum don’t care either way.

Cactus mix should be fine; the main criteria is that it drains well, so as long as it meets that, you’re good.

The names are a bit tongue twisting. The background of some of the Echeveria can get really convoluted, as different breeders combine the genes in creative ways.

The ‘x’ denotes a hybrid, sometimes a hybrid between two species (in which case it will be in the middle of the two) or as a hybrid between two genera, in which case it will be in front.

‘Spp’ is species or sub species. Asst, just means ‘assorted’.

Your jade, which is Crassula ovata (if you wanted to know!) may be okay in an orchid pot, but might be happier with the orchid pot as a cache pot, with the plant itself in a terracotta clay pot inside it. That gives you the best of both worlds; beauty, and function.

Hope I’ve answered all your questions,