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    I tried to research on this echeveria but can hardly find anything especially on propagating. Do they produce offsprings? My 8 inch E. Princess blue rosette is about to flower but no offsprings as of yet. Is propagation only through leaf cuttings?

    This is one variety I haven’t been lucky enough to grow, so I don’t speak from personal experience here, however, there are several strains used in the background of these plants, and some of them don’t tend to produce offsets. They are predominantly solitary, with only the main rosette which stubbornly refuses to offset.

    The good news is that you can trigger the growth of offsets, but it may be a bit of a challenge – not for the plant, but for the grower!

    The technique consists of ‘beheading’ the rosette, and re-rooting it, and the stem generally will sprout with a whole lot of tiny little shoots, which can be removed once they’re big enough and planted to make new plants.

    I go into some detail in the book below.

    Hope that helps,

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