by Serene Lee


I live in tropical Singapore where it is hot and humid.

I bought a Echeveria, not sure its name, looks like a rose.

It is planted in a plastic pot. I put it in my bedroom near the window.

After 2 days, the leaves are becoming soft and limp.

I put a saucer of water under the pot. It seems the plant isn’t taking in water at all. I’m desperate.

Hi Serene, first of all; get the plant out of the water!

Generally, Echeveria will go soft as you describe because of too much water.

In your climate, with it being humid, there is a good chance that it’s pretty much doomed already, because it will never dry out enough.

In fact, what I would recommend is that you take the plant right out of the pot, soil and all, and set it onto some newspaper or paper towel, without the pot, and don’t water it for at least two weeks.

If the problem is too much water, this might give it a chance.

Succulent plants in general cannot take too much water; they’re drought resistant, which means that they can take little or no water, but don’t have the ability to soak it up or otherwise get rid of it.

Forget everything you ever learned about jungle type plants as house plants; succulents are a much different type of plant.

Be patient, and hopefully it will recover.
Best of luck,

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