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What’s your Echeveria?

Echeveria identification got you puzzled? Check out the pictures and identify it. In everyone’s collection of plants, there’s always at least one mystery plant.


Echeveria as a group seem to either be mis-identified with the wrong name on the tag, or unidentified with no tag at all. Still others are hand-me-alongs, from friends or family, or from garage sales.

Not sure that your plant is an Echeveria?Look at the succulent plant identification page.

I’ve bought new Echeveria from seemingly reputable growers or garden centers only to find when I start to research them that the tag is totally wrong.

Have you had the same experience?

And the ones that jump into your shopping cart at large box stores, well, they sometimes only have a tag that simply says ‘succulent plant’.

The main reason to identify your succulents and Echeveria is to care for them properly – learn how to grow Echeveria for best performance and growth.

Echeveria Identification 101 to the rescue!

Things to ask to identify your Echeveria:

  • Where did you get it?
  • What condition was it in?
  • Has it ever bloomed?
  • What conditions do you keep it in now?

The more information you have, the easier it is to identify your Echeveria.

Other Echeveria that had their owners puzzled…

See more about these intriguing and beautiful plants;


Are these Echiveria haagai and Echiveria sedoides? 
Hi, please help to identify these 2 plants. From my search I have narrowed down on Echiveria haagai and Echiveria sedoides. But, looking for expert opinion. …


Plant identification 
Name of this plant


need help with name of plant 
new plant – looked like a jade but not and wondered about name


Is this a succulent  
My dad brought this home from work, trying to figure out what it is. I pulled one leaves off to see if it would propagate. And then this little mushroom …


Beautiful plant but no name 
Hello again. Could you please provide me some information about this beauty. Thanks a bunch!


Purple succulent 
Brain – like growth on leaves


Help identify my succulent plant please 
Hi, living in South Africa and have a few succulents im not sure of what they are. They outside on the patio and get sunlight from morning till 1pm afternoon. …


Crested Echeveria 
Echeveria, like all plants, can mutate. Sometimes this creates yet another gorgeous rosette forming succulent, other times something more sinister looking. …


What kind of succulent?
May I know what succulent is this? I bought this at the grocery store and there’s no label. It’s green colour is just marvelous on my office desk.


Help identifying my lovely succulent 
Hello- I’ve had a succulent for quite some time and it’s a beauty but I’ve never been able to identify it! I think it’s an echevaria but I could be wrong. …


Unique Echeveria 🙂 
Hi, Unfortunately, due to one mistake the message I have just written was erased, so now I am rewriting a summary from my memory :/ Not long ago …


Succulent identification
I have a similar succulent as shows in the picture at home . I’ve been searching everywhere to find it’s name so I can do more research on my succulent’s …


Unknown succulent with pink/green leaves 
I bought this succulent at a florist and it did not have any tags on it. At the bottom the leaves are green and at the top purple/pink. The leaves are …


Unidentified Succulent 
Almost looks like an Aloe, but with no spines. Color is green fading to purple towards the top.


Unknown Succulent 
Hi what is this succulent plant i have a ton of succulent and i just want to know what their proper names are


Red and green succulent plant needs to be identified 
I’ve got this succulent plant which is about 8 inches tall. It has green leaves with red stripes on them. Could anybody help me to identify it?


What are these pls? 
Hello. Im a newbie in taking care of succulents. I got some from our local garden store. They seem leggy and doesnt seem to have perfect rosettes. The …


Echiveria species? 
They all look so similar that it’s hard for me to tell what kind it is.


Reddish tips 
I love this plant and found it already beheaded and have been trying to figure out what it is.


Purple and green center, rosette type from Home Depot, label says succulent! 
A large succulent, looks hardy. Dark purplish leaves with a bright green center. ID if you know! And thank you!


Waxy green leaves forming a rosette like an Echeveria 
I bought this plant in a supermarket yesterday, mostly because I felt sorry for it. I find succulents beautiful just as nature intended. They don´t …


Don’t know what this could be… 
It seems to spiral and it is kind of pointy… Not sure how to care for it or what it is.. Any ideas?


tall & thin green leafy succulent 
I bought this plant last summer at a Sprout’s store in Santa Fe, NM. It hasn’t stopped growing yet. There are flowers at the top of each vine/branch, …


bright red (and unknown) echeveria 
Saw this intensely red echeveria at Succulent Extravaganza at Succulent Gardens in Castroville, CA in Sept 2014. It was planted in the “Echeveria Extravaganza” …


Broad purplish-greenish, spaced out leaves 
This plant has broad leaves that come together in the tiniest point at the ends. The leaves are significantly spaced apart on the stem and fall off at …


Small tubular succulent 
Light to darker green short tubular “stalks”


It’s definitely an echeveria 
It has thick green-purple rosette petals. When I bought it, it had a name on it but I don’t remember what it was >.< help?


Tall, skinny, purple/green alternating leaves 
This guy is tall with broad, flat leaves. They come in purple when they’re new and eventually become green as they grow. Then they fall off. The stalk …


Light green succulent. 
I received this little plant as a favor at a wedding. Someone told me it is a type of succulent and I was curious what type. I want to be able to keep …


Unknown purplish succulent from Trader Joe’s
This succulent has wide, plump leaves, they have a purplish tint to them, and are very smooth. There are a few new leaves growing from the bottom of the …


Unidentified echeveria? 
Smooth rosette about the size of my palm; grey/green with slight rosiness at the edges.


Please help! 
Honestly, I LOVE this plant more than any other plant I have ever grown! I really would love to learn what kind it is so I can learn more about it! …


New succulent with initially narrow leaves which broaden… 
I just bought this today but when I asked what the name was the person working there drew a blank. I looked through the identification archives but found …


Slightly curly echeveria 
I purchased this plant recently from a reputable nursery, but it was labeled only “echeveria.” I’ve looked at many photos of echeverias, but I haven’t …


Possible Echeveria Curly Locks? 
Hi, I live in Denver, CO and have a plant I got at a garden center and either they didn’t include the plant name or it disappeared when I replanted …


whitish succulent with broad flatish leaves 
I just got this succulent at the grocery store. It looks like it has variegated coloring. It is next to a small jade plant (I believe that one is a Crosby’s …


Dark green and light green leaves, pink towards the stem 
I bought this small succulent at some store. The leaves at the bottom are dark green, and the leaves towards the top are light green. The leaves are a …


Unidentified Succulent from Ikea 
I got this little succulent from ikea a few days ago. The label just says “succulent”. It looks similar to some of the categories on here but I’m not completely …


What is this big, bright green succulent with the red edges?? 
Love it but don’t know what it is. Thanks very much, Michael Hi Michael, that looks like one of the many gorgeous Echeveria that are around. There …


I think I have a Sempervivum however it seems to behave differently 
Hi, I was given this plant 2 years ago, it was a sad looking thing, a rosette in the middle, two long droopy fronds, and two more rosettes dangling from …


Clueless on what it is and how to take care of it… 
I am certain that it is a succulent plant but what type? It’s leaves are very chunky and the leaves have some sort of white on it which wipes off if …

thumb 4 unknowns 21700394

4 unknowns 
Hi! We have had these four succulents for awhile. I purchased them without any identification and haven’t had any luck finding them online. Hoping you …


No idea what this is! 
I don’t know much about plants in general. This succulent seems to have red tips and a stem with buds that may possibly flower? The stem also has small …


echeveria runyonii or glauca? 
Rescued from a pot of similar succulents, this came to me as a tiny 8cm tall castaway and grew to the size photographed (about 14cm wide) after about a …


ID plant and gardening help 
Bought from someone at a crafts fair. Was told to water it once a week and give it lots of sun, so I kept it inside on the window sill. It has smooth …


Similar to “Jade” ? 
Somewhat teardrop shaped leaves, but with a point where it should be round. Appears to maybe be upside down? Growing straight out of the ground, not …

thumb reminds me of hens and chicks

reminds me of Hens and chicks 
Bluish plant with small pink flowers. I hope I attached this picture correctly. Hi Pamela, your pictures came through perfectly! This is a plant that …


New addition to my succulent collection 
Hello Jackie. I am reposting these pictures since my computer is not uploading the right way. I love this succulent from Homedepot. I have kept it …


Purple and green-based spatulate “leafs” with tiny spikes, and woody stalk 
I would simply like to identify and understand this plant a bit more… I bought it recently from a local market in Tel Aviv, but the owner wasn’t able …


3 different succulents 
I need help identifying these. Please help. Hi Edina, again, these are Echeveria; from the back, this is Echeveria Curlylocks , one of my all time …


Flat, dark, large leaves…purplish tips. 
Help. I have looked online but there are so many and I wanted to get a definitive answer. This is a huge fellow the nursery said took 10 years to get this …


Green with reddish tips 
It is much thicker towards the bottom with one tall stem leading up about 15 cm. Drought Smart Plants reply: Oh, Andrew, how lovely – your Echeveria …


succulent with almost gall like growth on the leaves 
I am trying to identify for a friend. All I have is the picture Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Tim, you have an interesting specimen of Echeveria. …

thumb what kind of succulent is this 21621315

What kind of succulent is this? 
I bought this plant from a nursery and forgot to ask how to care for it, or even what plant it is. Identification and care instructions would be great! …


Unknown common plant 
This is a common-ish looking plant, looking like one of the several pictured ion this site, but I’m not sure which one it is, which I think may be affecting …

Looks just like red leaf lettuce… 
I wish I had a picture of this plant to share but I only saw it while visiting a friend in San Pedro, CA at night in poor lighting and didn’t have a camera …


fat, round leaves 
i just bought this new friend at meijer today. i’m new to succulents and loving them more every day. the label simply said “echeveria” and, so far, i haven’t …


looks like echeveria pulvinata but not furry… 
I bought this plant about three years ago at a home depot or kohls in California… sadly, it withered away after a few weeks because I didn’t know how …


fleshy leaves in spirals 
Stalk about 7cm long, 0.7cm wide, brown and quite woody. Smaller stalks off-shooting from this main stalk. These lead to clumps of fleshy leaves in spirals. …


Tropical Plant? 
I got this plant from a local nursery. It was classified as a tropical plant. It was doing very well when I purchased it. The nursery tech repotted the …


Leaning, wide-leafed succulent with long stalk 
This succulent was given to me, half in the grave. The main stalk grows high, and is tipping over, and the stalk looks brown at the base. The leaves …


8″ low growing sky blue succulent 
Survives any conditions except frost, hundreds of small fleshy globules up to half centimeter in size, thickly bunched. later in season will throw up …


Succulent Plant? 
Succulent Plant? Drought Smart Plants reply: Many plants are succulent plants – it is a catch all phrase simply meaning a plant with fleshy …


Light green leaves with pink-tinted edges 
This plant has a four inch tall stalk that is about half an inch wide. The leaves fan out from the stalk radially, and stretch up toward the sun. The leaves …


Green velvety succulent 
It is completely green, with velvety leaves. It stared out close to the ground when I got it, and has since grown to be about 5 inches tall. I’ve had it …


Ten inches tall, broad leaf, looks like growths on the ends of the leafs.  
Ten inches tall, broad leaf, looks like growths on the ends of the leafs. Please see photos and help me save this beautiful plant. Thanks in advance …


What is this succulent? 
Could you please let me know the name of this succulent? Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Faye, this looks to be one of the Echeveria hybrids …


My baby needs HELP! 
I purchased these at a local walmart on the clearance. I thought I could give it some love and bring back to life. When I purchased these the tag did …


‘Hen & Chick’? ‘Echeveria’? I have no clue! 
This plant came from another local store, labeled as a ‘Succulent’ but with no further information. I have looked and looked and I can just assume that …


A tall echeveria perhaps? 
Bought this little guy about a year ago, and has almost doubled in height on our kitchen windowsill since then. It seems to be sprouting new little leaves …


Mystery Succulent (to me, at least) 
I am trying to figure out what kind of plant this is, so I can properly care for it. I got it as a gift and it didn’t come with a name. Clearly, from the …

Mysterious Echeveria 
Hey there. I found your site very impressive, I was wondering if you could help me- I’m on the hunt. I’m looking for a type of Echeveria (I think). …


Purple and Green Succulent Plant 
Please can you tell me what kind of succulent this plant is and it’s name? It has two long stems and it’s leaves are dark green with a red line around …

A Bouquet 
I wanted to tell you that this site put a huge smile on my face. I bought a cute Echeveria Haagai Tolimanensis at Lowes a few years ago and by some miracle …


Plant from Sunny Southern California 
This plant is rooted in gravel and has beautiful purple to green leaves with some copper mixed in. Warty flesh. I only have the one photo. Picture was …


Another unknown succulent 
I’ve put another plant that I need help identifying – do you know what it is?

It is so beautiful!! And so unique 
the leaves are light-ish green bordered with pink and almost a blue. Long stems grow from the base. The stems are pink and grow (at least mine are)over …


Greenish-blue rosette 
It is a rosette blueish-green. It grew two long stems with flowers, bell shaped. Pink in the outside Yellow on the inside. It is starting to grow another …


Another set for ID 
HI, Here are 3 more to be identified if you can help me,i think the one on the right is Pachyphytum oviferum,the other might be an Echeveria species but …


Mystery Chain Store Succulents 
Hi, Bought these succulents from a chain store a few days ago. The only written information was: succulent mix. Can you help me please ID them. …


Succulent Plant without an identity 
Anyone know the name of this succulent plant? I bought it last year on a flea market for 2USD and this year a large stem with pink orange yellow flowers …


looks like a jade plant 
This plant looks like a jade plant, leaves fall off, have ‘air roots’ I remember there was some warning that said it was poison.


Monstrose Echeveria or what? 
This looks like a clump of leaves with a similar form to an Echeveria or other rosette forming succulent plant, and now appears to be trying to revert …


Silver succulents – what on earth??? 
Hi! I have two silver succulents are very strange. They’re supposed to be the same plant, and were labeled the same when I bought them. I thought …


I bought one of these for my mother for mother’s day from the local Target store. In a year or two it had made several new plants which she gave to her …


I want more of these but don’t know what it is. 
This was given to me by a neighbor who doesn’t know what it is either. I want to keep it indoors. Long, thick, light green leaves


Help identify, please 
I bought this Echeveria last spring, but have lost the tag. Several have said it is ‘shaviana’, some have said ‘runyoni’, and others have said ‘lauii …


Mystery succulent 
I adopted 5 of these plants and would like to know their name to properly care for them. As it is, most already have brown spots. Thick fleshy tender …


what type Echeveria is this?  
Im pretty sure this is an Echeveria species, just from what I’ve been able to research online so far. I bought it a few days ago and the soil was pretty …


Well, I bought Calvin at Home Depot for about two dollars today (February 13) with no tag. His leaves are a silvery green, getting more silver as you go …