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by Nicole


I bought this plant last summer at a Sprout’s store in Santa Fe, NM. It hasn’t stopped growing yet. There are flowers at the top of each vine/branch, also green.

I’m curious how tall this plan will get (I have stakes in it now for support), and what would happen if I trimmed any of the growths.

Comments for tall & thin green leafy succulent

Jan 11, 2015

Those aren’t flowers…
by: Jacki

They are actually rosettes of leaves. This is some type of Echeveria, and the reason it’s growing like this is because it really needs more light. However, simply giving it more light now is pointless, because it will never go back to growing the way it should, close to the ground and compact.

What this plant needs is to be ‘beheaded’ and remade into new plants. You’ll get one new plant for each rosette if you chop them off and set them on the top of some dry soil.

See the page on succulent plant propagation or buy the e-book.