by Ginny
(Sonora, Ca. usa)

I have about a dozen rose bushes. It is spring here and the whether is beautiful so of course the roses are taking full advantage and growing lustily.

Most of the roses are doing well but a few have limp baby leaves, the rest of the plant looks fine but the top few are limp as a wet rag.

What if anything can you tell me about this problem?

Oh, boy. Roses. These are a tricky plant to grow successfully, even in your climate. It totally depends on several factors such as the soil type, where you’re growing them, and the type of rose bushes.

First of all, even in your climate, there could be a risk of frost. This type of damage is typical of cold temperatures.

If the plants are growing quickly, the new leaves are very tender, and even a slight frost can nip them. If this is it, then it’s not a problem, simply trim them off and the plant will make more.

Other, more sinister causes of this can be a bacterial infection. This is much more serious, and can travel throughout the plants, and kill them. I suggest you find a horticulturist that can inspect the plants in person and suggest a course of action.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Best of luck with your roses.