by sherry wornkey

They are turning yellow and falling apart look bad . I think a dog is peeing on them what do you think . I live in florida; please tell me what to do

Hi Sherry, moss rose, or Portulaca are an annual plant that many garden centers sell as bedding plants for really hot dry sites.

They grow best in full sun, and can withstand a lot of drought. The flowers are bright colors of pink, red and yellow, and look almost like they’re made of tissue paper.

One thing these plants will not like is too much water; if you try and grow them in the same irrigated areas where you’re growing grass lawn, flower beds that need irrigating every day, or in shade, these plants will sulk.

If a dog is peeing on them, maybe you can fence them off so that doesn’t happen. Flush out the salts with clear water, if the soil is dry, because urine contains a lot of salt, which will kill most plants.

Sometimes, once they flower and fade, that’s pretty much it for them; picking off the dead flowers and trimming them back can help rejuvenate them and start them into a new blooming cycle.

Hope that helps give you some ideas of a cure for the ailing Portulaca.

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Jul 26, 2013

Moss rose
by: Jean

Hey Jacki how are you.. Hope all is well. I was wondering can you tell me how tall moss rose gets if planted in a rock garden. Just a section of it. Will it spread and take over and do you know of a good site to read more about moss rose. Thanks Jacki I really appreciate it.

Jul 26, 2013

by: Jacki

Hi Jean, things are going along fine here; hot – perfect weather for moss roses! These only get a few inches tall and tend to sprawl along the ground, but mostly they’re not invasive. You can see more about them on Dave’s Garden Website.