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by Michael J.


I have an old (perhaps 50 years) grapevine (concord, I think) attached to my house. This year, for the first time, there is no growth on about half the large branches. Your thoughts?

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Jun 13, 2018
Most common reason
by: Jacki

Grapes are sensitive to damage to the roots – either from too much moisture or too cold.

If you got cold (freezing) weather before snow in the fall, there’s a good chance it got root damage. Other things that could happen are too much rain in the fall, making the soil too wet over the winter.

As the rest of the vine looks healthy, it’s most likely not a pest or a disease, so don’t think that you have to spray anything.

Give it time, be patient, and this fall, make sure that it goes into winter healthy.

Don’t give any fertilizer after the beginning of August to make sure any new growth is hardened off.

Jun 14, 2018
remove old vines?
by: jw

Along these lines, I have a grapevine that is nearly 20 years old. I’ve never trimed out any dead vines and it seems from a casual look at it that there is quite a lot of old brown, presumably dead vines. Is this what it is, or is this just old parts of the plant that are continuing to service new growth? And should I try to remove any of them?
Many thanks, J

Jun 14, 2018
If possible
by: Jacki

By all means, prune out the dead wood – but if that’s not possible if the pieces are wound together, then just leave it. No point in trying to cut them apart, and damaging the healthy one.