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by Cheryl
(Auburn, Kansas USA)


Flowers growing in sand

I shoveled sand for my daughter to mix with potting soil for her succulents and cacti. However it was sprayed cause weeds were growing in the pile. There was also a pre emergent in the weed spray. Will sand hold pre emergent and possibly harm her plants roots

Comments for Sand for potting mix

Aug 05, 2022

by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Don’t use anything with chemicals in it. The pre-emergent herbicide is meant to deter germination in seeds, so it possibly won’t hurt the roots of established plants, but if it were me, I would rinse it off (fill a bucket with sand, fill with water, then carefully dump it out, two or three times).

Personally, this would be a hard no from me!