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by Tea
(Washington, D.C.)


so i literally just purchased this cacti/succulent from walgreens for my work desk and I am interested in knowing what it is, of course there was no name on the label… can someone please help?

Hi Tea, this little guy is one of the most commonly asked about succulents; it’s Haworthia attenuata (or could be fasciata – they’re very similar) and you will be pleased to hear that they’re very easy to grow, and will thrive in conditions that most succulents can’t.

Although they look very similar to Aloe, they don’t require the bright light, and they will also be better with the occasional overwatering (which sometimes happens, when people are trying to help).

Make sure to take the plastic off the foliage, they don’t need that once they’re in their place of honor.

You might want to repot it into a terracotta clay pot, which has good drainage (it’s important to allow the soil to dry out occasionally, and they need air to the roots too).

Have fun with your cute new plant!

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Comments for Cute little succulent

Dec 05, 2018
Succulent plants
by: Kathy L. Trimble

I was just checking in on my new succulent. It’s identical to yours. It’s a Zebra plant. Of course! Likes moist soil. Straight sunshine will have chance of sunburn.