by Lauren Eph
(Seattle, WA )



Hey hey!

I live in Seattle, in hardiness zone 8b from what I’m told. I have two creosote bushes coming and am curious what kind of soil to get for the planters my bushes will go in on my deck.

Thank you for your help & have a lovely day!

Comments for Cultivating Creosote Curiosity

May 21, 2020
Desert Plant
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

I’m not sure how happy a desert plant like Larrea tridentata (Creosote Plant) will be in a rainy climate like that in Seattle, but if you keep it dry, like under cover, while giving it bright light, it might be okay. The soil you’ll need is going to be sandy or gravelly, with very little organic matter, if any. These plants need excellent drainage, and hardly any water once established.

For adult or established plants, water once, then let them dry out almost completely. These are not plants for the kind or loving kind of gardener. These are tough, desert plants, and prefer neglect, the longer the better. The only way to get those gorgeous flowers is to allow it to dry out, then water it one time in the spring. That will trigger the flowering cycle.

Hope you have some good luck with this plant, as it’s going to be tough to provide it with what it needs. Even the high humidity of Seattle’s climate could be too much for something that thrives in high deserts.

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