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by heidi
(petoskey michigan)

my snowball bush has wrinkling leaves..tho in full bloom..Is it dieing ? It is about 10 ft tall and8 ft wide.

Hi Heidi, without knowing a bit more about your shrub and where it’s growing, the type of soil it’s in and so on it’s pretty difficult to diagnose what could be going on.

Wrinkling leaves are hard to use as a diagnostic tool – in some cases, it’s caused by a sudden drought, and if the plant is in full bloom, this can cause incredible stress.

If your weather started out nice and warm, with a lot of rain this spring, then dried out as the plant started to flower, it will put all its effort into the flowers.

You can help it by cutting off some of the blooms, which will give it more resources to keep the leaves going. Make sure it has adequate moisture in the soil if it’s been dry and hot.

Sometimes, a plant that is dying will bloom profusely, as kind of a last ditch effort to procreate and set seed.

Sorry I can’t help much without knowing more about your conditions, the situation of the plant, and pictures of it. Sometimes, it’s best to pay for the services of a local horticulturist or landscape expert to see it in person, which might be your best bet to save the plant.

Best of luck,

Comments for snowball bush wrinkling leaves

Jun 10, 2013

by: Anonymous

Thanks Jacki,
No drought here but we did get some late frost. I will try to load picture of it.

Ahh, frost would do it. If it’s really bad, you can pluck off the damaged leaves, and it will produce new ones – most plants have this ability, if it’s done early enough in the season.