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the head of my plant broke can i save it? if so do i replant the head or try to re attach to the stem.

Drought Smart Plants reply:
You’re in luck! You have the best kind of plant to use for a very interesting and special kind of propagation. These plants are tough, resilient and incredibly hard to kill. The plant you have is a type of Echeveria and most resembles Echeveria ‘Perle von Nurnberg’.

If this method is used on purpose, I refer to it as ‘beheading’ or ‘decapitating’ as that’s exactly what you do; chop its head off. Then if you leave the top to callous and dry for a few days, it will root amazingly quickly.

See the page on Succulent Plant Propagation for full instructions.

Don’t throw out the stem, as in most cases, small rosettes will eventually bud out all over it, which you can also cut off and root for more.

I use the beheading method to keep my Echeveria and other similar succulent plants compact and healthy.

Happy Succulent Gardening, and good luck with your new adventure!