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by Diana
(Sacramento, CA)

can i get seeds from the blossom of the aeonium plant?

Drought Smart Plants reply: Apparently, yes! It will depend on if there are enough other plants somewhere nearby, to cross pollinate, and I assume that even if there aren’t some of the same plants blooms will pollinate each other.

Keep in mind that this is a long term prospect, as even if they germinate, the seedlings are tiny.

You can see more about general succulent plant propagation here, or buy the book:

Comments for Aeonium Seeds

May 07, 2012

Aeonium Seeds
by: Anonymous

Where do you get the seeds? Can you just plant the bud of the expired flower or do you have to let the full bunch of flowers dry out first?

The seeds will be tiny, and once the parts of the flower dry up and fall off, there will be seed capsules left behind. Once the flower head is dry, cut it and put it into a paper bag, to finish drying.

Don’t use plastic, it will just go moldy.

The seed capsules will open as they dry, releasing the seeds. Sometimes you can shake the seed head, and get lots more loose. The seed will most likely look like dust. You’ll get a lot of plants from anything more than a pinch, so you don’t need to get lots.