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Nerium oleander

Would you recommend Nerium oleander as an indoor plant?

Comments for Bad idea for indoor plant

Jun 03, 2021

Actually no
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

This is not a plant to try and grow indoors. It needs full sun, or at the very least, bright indirect light, which generally speaking, does not exist inside our homes.

Another downside to Oleander is the fact that it gets pretty big and won’t appreciate being crammed into a pot. Each individual leaf can be 8-10″ long. Ultimate height will be around 4-8′.

In addition, it’s incredibly poisonous. Even one leaf can kill a child, or household pet. The latex-like sap can cause a rash, as well as all parts of the plant being toxic.

Even the smoke from burning the stems or leaves is poisonous. There are horror stories of entire families being poisoned by using the stems to cook hot dogs over a campfire.