Succulent Plant

by Lea

Baby tree

I was given this plant and was told that it would look like a small tree when it got larger. I’m not sure if it actually is a tree or if it would just look like one.

Thanks for your help!!!

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Lea, this is a Crassula ‘Gollum’ or Goblin Fingers Jade Tree – they are called that because of the appearance of the weird little ‘leaves’, and yes, it eventually will take on the appearance of a small tree, with a gnarly trunk and lots of branches.

You can see more about these types of plants here: Crassula, and find out more about making a Crassula bonsai.

Happy Succulent Growing!

Comments for Baby tree with Bulbous leaves

Jun 06, 2012

by: Lea

Thank you so much for helping me identify my little tree! You were great!