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by Anonymous
(San Diego, CA)


Help! I discovered yellow/orangish spots on my dwarf Myer Lemon tree on the top of the leaves and branches. Could you please identify the disease/insect/fungus and help me get rid of the problem? I hope it’s not citrus canker and that I don’t have to get rid of the tree. Also, how can I prevent this in the future? I do have a lot of snails and aphids that go to it a lot. I try to use natural insecticides so I made a garlic/onion spray and occasionally spray it on.

Thank you for your help.

Comments for Yellow/brown spots on dwarf Myer lemon tree

Jul 24, 2019

by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Your tree has a terrible infestation of scale. These are hard shelled insects that suck the life out of the plant. At times in their life cycle, they are able to move around and infect everything close by.

Unfortunately, they’re hard to get rid of, especially on citrus. You can try scraping off the scale, but then you’ll need to use some kind of either an oil based product to smother them, or a systemic type of treatment which goes into the plant and poisons the insects.

You’ll have to do more research and find out what’s recommended in your area, which you haven’t said. If you’re in Florida or California, you may have to get rid of the tree as this is a major problem in citrus growing areas. Again, more research – maybe from your local agricultural extension office.

Aug 05, 2019

Thank you!
by: Original Poster

Thank you for your reply and advice. I am located in San Diego if that helps. I am sad to hear that I will possibly need to get rid of the plant.

I appreciate your guidance.