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    by Eva Putch

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    10 Things About Succulents

    Read this post and find out the things that you might not yet know about succulents. You will surely be amazed after reading throughout this post. So, continue reading!

    Are you familiar with what succulents are? Well, these plants are definitely popular for most gardeners since they could be grown both outdoors and indoors. These plants are also easy to care for and to maintain. In fact, many do love succulents and because there is indeed a huge variety of this kind, succulents tend to differ from one another a bit – from the rare succulents to the most common ones.

    To know more about succulents, here are some of the interesting facts about succulents that you definitely need to know:

    1. Succulents get their name from their water-filled or juice-filled leaves.
      Succulent came from the Latin word “sucus” or sap or juice. And it was given this name because of its nourishing leaves which could store water and help the plants to survive on extremely warm or dry weather conditions. And with this, you only need to water the plants at least once a week as they thrive in dry air and sunlight.
    1. There are almost 60 families of succulent.
      There are about 10,000 plant varieties of this plant that you could grow. Some might be like the cactus or some like the aloe plant. There are several uncommon succulents which might look beautiful in the garden.
    2. Container succulents need a lot more of your care than you think.
      You shouldn’t overwater them and always keep them from being exposed to too much sun. They need extra attention despite their easy going attitudes and hardy reputation. Investing in greenhouse humidifier could help a lot.
    3. They are pest-resistant plants.
      Most kinds of these plants don’t have any issues with pests. You might find aphids but they are considered uncommon, making succulents the easiest plants to grow and maintain. You might see insects but they are usually on certain varieties like stapelias known for great pollination.
    1. These plants come in various colors.

    Most plants would be green in color however succulents may well come in shades of pink, purple, orange, blue and red. In some cases, one succulent might have two to three colors. It’s best for decorating events, offices and homes. Colorful succulents are definitely great options for decorations.

    1. Succulent cuttings can be used in growing new plants.

    Sustainability is one of the best things about succulent plants. In growing new plants from the old one, you just have to snip off a leaf and let it dry under the sun prior to planting it in the dirt and nourishing it with water.

    1. Succulents are fashionable.

    These are plants that are small enough to be maintained on jewelry. And because they are low maintenance, you could put them on earrings, bracelets and rings and you could wear them for a few weeks too. A corsage or a boutonniere can be made out of succulents. It would be great to make succulents florariums too.

    1. These plants have sun protection.

    You might notice a chalky substance on the leaves of succulents and it is intended to protect the plant against the sun. Too much sun might change the colors of some plants, but succulents would never get a sunburn. And also, the said substance helps in protecting the plants from diseases and pests.

    1. Succulents are very hardy.

    Most succulents could survive in hot or cold climates that’s why they could grow almost in every part of the country. Some would live through freezing temperatures or even if the ground is covered with snow.

    1. Succulents are also popular during Christmas season.

    Christmas cactus are so pretty and they grow about Christmas time. Making succulents terrarium is a popular way to enjoy succulent plants during the season.

    Indeed, these are the things that you should know about succulents which might help you appreciate these kinds of plants more! You will definitely love succulents once you experienced growing and maintaining one!