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by Ahmed Shehata


Sort of a tropical jungle plant has a Very Very unique Flowers..hope you can name it.

Drought Smart Plants reply; Hi Ahmed, nope, this one is not familiar at all – and I know I would remember those flowers if I had ever seen them before.

Are the leaves associated with it? These look a bit like Crocosmia, so I’m thinking that this could be some related plant, but it’s not reminding me of anything else. Sorry! I hope you’ll post back if you find out any more about it.


May 22, 2012

found the name
by: ahmed shehata

finally…so hard to find but worth it …alpinia zerumbet… is a link jacki if you wanna add that info.

Alpinia zerumbet

Ahmed, you’re amazing! Good going.

Apr 22, 2013

Common Name
by: David at Villa Escondida

Hi…In Cozumel Mexico we call this Conch Ginger.
Leaves do smell of ginger and the flower looks like a….Conch!!

Sounds lovely, David! Thank you for your information.