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by black thumb

I have a tiny echeveria in a pot in my office and I’ve noticed some wrinkles on the leaves (the bottoms of some leaves look like a pug’s face) as well as two small brown spots on one leaf.

Do you know what’s wrong/happening? I know there’s lots of different types of echeverias, it looks kind of like this especially in regards to leaf shape
except it has a long stem with a few leaves, like how flower stems appear in cartoon. Is it too cold? Is it getting not enough sun? Am I watering too much/too little?

Hi, Black Thumb; Without seeing pictures of your plant, it’s hard to say what’s going on. Some wrinkling of the leaves is normal, and will happen as the plant dries out, or as the leaves age.

In time, they may totally shrivel and dry out completely, and they fall off easily.

Eventually, what tends to happen with many Echeveria is that they get a long stem, with a tuft of leaves on top, like a stubby palm tree.

If this is what’s happening, there is nothing you can do about it, except to behead the top rosette and re-root it (it’s not as bad as it sounds, honest!).

One thing that can delay this happening is brighter light, so it doesn’t have to stretch to get more light.

In an office situation, you may want to get a small grow light that you can direct at the plant, and keep it on a timer of 12 hours daylight, and 12 dark.

This is the ideal schedule, which they have adapted to due to their origins in warm climates close to the equator.

Hope this helps get your plant back on track,

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