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by Storm
(Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brazil)


The plants are quite large, with a woody trunk that is brown near the base and green near the tip. Spikes are restricted to the trunk.

There are flat, broad, green leaves with nodules on them. The pictures were taken near Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Comments for Woody trunk with spikes, broad thin leaves

Oct 09, 2014

by: Jacki

I’ve found a reference to Rhipsalis oblonga, which seems to be the closest match to your plant.

I couldn’t find anything with the woody stems, but the leaves and other structures seem to be very similar. I think the most telling characteristic would be to see this plant in bloom, and compare that.

See this picture and see if it’s close to what you saw there; Rhipsalis

Oct 09, 2014

by: Storm

That doesn’t look like a match to me. The specimen has leaves perpendicular to a vertical trunk, while that picture you posted has leaves sprouting somewhat vertically.
The color doesn’t match either.

Thanks for the attempt though.

Oct 09, 2014

Different growing conditions
by: Jacki

Don’t go by the color or the way the leaves are held. These are things that can differ with changing conditions, such as more or less light, the time of year and the age of the plant. Things that are more important for identifying plants are the way the leaves are attached, the way new growth emerges, and so on. Don’t give up too soon!

Mar 01, 2016

The photo looks a lot like the plant I have
by: Hagridogre

I was given a start of a plant with waxy flat green leaves. Leaves sprout off of leaves as well as sending up tall round spikes/stems, then a leave will pop off the top.

Currently have 2 of these spikes that are more than 30 inches tall. If you cut the spike off and stick it in the pot, it will re-root readily.

The person I got it from doesn’t know what it is, but she has a mother plant that has dozens of small spikelets on it. She claims that it only blooms at night and the flowers are very fragrant, but she doesn’t know what the flowers are like, as they bloom and fade complete during the night leaving just a dried up flower husk.

Any idea what this plant might be? The leaves of the photo you have appear to be very very close, but I wouldn’t say it has a woody stem… semi-woody at best. Just looking for a name. I can send photos if that will help. 🙂