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by Tim
(London, England)


I’m not sure what to say — this plant is about 40cm (1ft2) high from the top of the pot.

I’d like to know not just what it is but also how to prune it into a nice shape and how to repot it.

Hi Tim, this is known as Crassula multicava, and in some areas (where it’s warm for the winter, mainly) it can become a nuisance due to it’s ability to spread by underground roots, and also seed when it blooms. In your climate, you won’t have this issue!

For pruning, what I might do is cut the tops off all the stems, which can be discarded – the stems not the tops. Generally, they won’t produce any new growth, and if they do, it’s not going to be easy to get a nice looking plant from it.

The tops can be set on top of some DRY potting soil (preferably with lots of added aggregate such as perlite, pumice or gravel) and they’ll form roots. These will be much easier to keep under control, and you won’t have the issue of multiple unruly stems to deal with.
Hope this helps,

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