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by rachel
(duncan bc)

I seem to have a major infestation of white worm like pods on my holly and camellia. on the underside of the leaves but also the branches, twigs and berries. up to 3/8 long, 1/8 wide. Please help, a large beautiful tree on our property, would hate to loose it!

Hi Rachel, without a picture of these things, I’m at a loss to suggest anything; there are many, many insects and even fungus that could create these kinds of structures, and generally, if they’re on more than one type of plant they tend to be quite voracious (if insects).

In the case of a fungal infection, if that’s what it is, those are pretty much totally dependent on conditions of temperature and humidity.

I lean towards leaving things alone until I am positive that they would be harmful; most plants, unless they’re really ill to begin with, can withstand the loss of a few leaves, even complete defoliation, so this probably won’t kill the plant.

Can you send me a picture or two? That might help narrow it down a bit.