Garden Whimsies

There’s no fun in getting too serious about art, especially in the garden.

whimsical garden art600x900

Adding some character and something unique is way more fun than something stodgy and uncreative. In my garden, whimsy rules.

So what kinds of things would be considered whimsical? How about some topiary, lined with moss and planted with succulents. I’ve seen projects that would fill an entire garden with several figures like a herd of horses, or dinosaurs.

whimsical garden art frog600x450

Whimsical Green Frog

There are so many options for shapes, like simple round ones (two hanging baskets wired together) or a tomato cage upside down and covered with chicken wire to make a tree – or several, covered with fairy lights.

Wind chime made out of terracotta pots of all different sizes – now that’s whimsical.

They may not sound too great, and they could break, but that’s half the fun – the fleeting nature of some of this type of yard art just makes you enjoy it more, up until it’s gone.

The type of art you may find fun and interesting is something like the boot, below. Try to find this type of art with a drain hole in it and plant it with Sedum or Sempervivum.

whimsical garden art boot with birds600x450.

Fun Birds on a Boot

Rain chains are easy to make, with some old glass light fixtures, wired onto a piece of rusty chain and attached to the end of a gutter.

Funny figurines, posing in different areas of the garden, can bring it all together. Frogs are only one of the many motifs you might find. Elephants, turtles or lizards are other fun art themes.

whimsical garden art frog posing600x450

Hilarious Frog, Posing

These perform other duties than just looking pretty – they actually guide the water into the rain barrel or drain.

Adding whimsical and fun garden art is what gives your garden character. Time to lighten up and give your visitors a chuckle. Do you have some whimsical garden art in your garden?