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by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C.)



It used to be that you had to sneak around and find those interesting old pieces of junk (or Junque, if you prefer) to plant your little alpines and moss into, or to make into some interesting garden art.

Now, it’s almost a badge of honor, to find an old bit of something interesting, upcycle it, and display it with pride in your garden.

Art takes many forms; industrial scrap can be some of the most interesting salvage to use to decorate your garden, and if you can plant something into it, so much the better.

Some of my favorite garden art are Rain Chains, made from some recycled wire, a few old glass lamp shades, and a piece of chain. If you have a crystal from a chandelier, use that to add the finishing touch.

Other things that can be recycled into great garden totems are crystal dishes, old ceramic plates or a funky tea pot that’s missing it’s lid. Glued together, they make a really interesting focal point.

Learning some simple techniques to tie things together is pretty easy; there are many options for glue such as the expensive E6000, or a cheaper version of tub caulking.

Wire such as copper wire saved from the electricians garbage bin, or some tie wire used for concrete work are flexible enough and easy to use, with a pair of needlenose pliers.

I love to find old pieces of junk, and make them into something completely unique.

Natural items that you find on the beach or in the woods can make the most incredible little planters, in the form of sea shells, or root planters.

Some of my other plans for this year are to take a bullet holed enamel sauce pan, hang it up and plant it with succulents; I also have plans for a whole lot of handle less shovels, for using in my Cactus Garden in combination with some old boots, and a few wheelbarrows – stay tuned for more!