by Dawn McLaughlin
(Becket MA USA)


We live in Becket MA in Sherwood forest, we noticed driving into the forest it looked like some one had put aluminum in the trees. Or spray painted a reflective something on it. Next day we looked and they are just leaves on tree. Has me baffled. First time I’ve ever seen it and it is just a few leaves. What would cause this?

Comments for What would cause this

Oct 16, 2020

by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

From the pics, it’s impossible to say what’s going on. Possibilities; Could it be frost? What has your temperature been like for the time you saw this?

Alternately, it could be leaf miners or some other insect, which can make the leaves look shiny.

Sorry, without clearer pictures, I have no idea.