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by D Pettit


Cercis canadensis, the Redbud Tree

After my beautiful Japanese Maple died from Verbicillium Wilt I was told not to plant another Japanese maple in the spot as it would die also. And not to plant other maples……. (?)
I want a burgundy tree so I have chosen a Forest Pansy….
What do you think?
thank you

Comments for What Tree to Plant after another died from fungus

Jul 04, 2017

Good Choice!
by: Jacki

Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’ is a great tree – reliable, tough and can grow well in clay soils, and, as an added bonus, the deer don’t eat it.

The prolific pink flowers attract hummingbirds, and can be used as cut flowers for a great indoor display.

The variety ‘Forest Pansy’ has darker purplish foliage which are great in their own right, but even more so when the flowers show against them. The flowers emerge just prior to the leaves in the spring, and they are formed right on the trunk of the tree, and on the bark of the branches.

One of the other names of this tree is Judas Tree, not sure why.

The trick with Verticillium wilt is not to grow a plant that’s in the same family as one that has previously succumbed to it, because, yes, it will also die if you plant the same family of tree there.