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by Jasmina


Example of a healthy succulent

Hi how to a make my succulents stronger, ive seen on the Internet the same succulents with strong wood types stems but mine aren’t like that.

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Jul 24, 2016

As they age…
by: Jacki

Many succulents will get woody. This is not necessarily a positive attribute, because some succulent plants just get a long stem, but no strength to hold up the rest of the plant, so it flops over.

As you didn’t add a picture of the succulent you’re asking about specifically, it’s hard to know how to answer your question.

Age is a big factor in the way a plant grows, but it’s also all about the conditions. A young plant that is given too much water and not enough light will stretch to get more light, but in the process it will be really weak.

If your plants are consistently weak and very fleshy, that’s an indication of not enough light, which is typically what most people find to be the issue. Get a grow light, or move the plant outdoors in the summer months.

Without any idea of where you are geographically and the day length you would typically see and if you’re in an apartment or somewhere you can access a patio or other outdoor space, there is no way I can give you more details.