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by Morten

what kind of succulent is this 21458346

Please help me identify this succulent plant.
I have gotten this from a relative as part of a larger plant.
I think an image says more than a thousand words.


Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Morten, you’re exactly right – a picture is worth a thousand words, but not much help in this case.

Your plant could be one of several different kinds of plants based on the growth that it shows, however, in some cases, the growth of a young plant that is grown from a seedling is different from that of a cutting, and I’m not sure what you have.

It resembles some of the Epiphyllum which is a huge group of jungle succulent plants which originated in the high tree canopy of forests in warmer climates.

If this is an Epiphyllum it will eventually bloom with a huge flower which may be short lived, but make up for that with the size, colour and wow factor.

Do you know if the parent plant has flowers, and if so a picture of those would help with the identification of the genus.

Unfortunately, these plants hybridize easily, so it’s impossible to pin down exactly the genetics.

Care for all is the same – ample water during the growing season – even a vacation outdoors for the summer, then 12 hours of light during the late summer into the fall to trigger blooming. They can’t take any frost, so a cool room temperature home will be perfect.


Comments for What kind of succulent is this?

Jan 25, 2011

by: Anonymous

Yes, that’s the plant.
Thank you for your help and the given information.

Jan 24, 2011

You are so right!
by: Jacki

I’m glad you’ve got some information – good for you that you were so tenacious. Here is a page on my site where other visitors have posted pictures, and the one looks exactly like your plants foliage. See this page for more:


Jan 24, 2011

by: Morten

Jackie, thank you for your comment.
I have been searching on the word ‘epiphyllum’, and I did found a few flowers that resembled my own.
But then I stumbled upon a plant that looked just like mine: Stapelia grandiflora. Do you think this would be one. I do remember them saying it would get a red calyx.