Hanging succulents are eye-catching, low-maintenance plants that are suitable for most indoor or outdoor spaces. Whether you have limited room for plants in your home or you want to add some dramatic greenery to your garden, hanging succulent varieties can free up room and add a touch of nature to your living space. With their adaptability and low maintenance requirements, any of the 15 hanging succulents on this list are suitable for both experienced greenthumbs and novice gardeners alike. 

1. The String of Hearts 

The String of Hearts, known to some as the “sweetheart vine”, is a trailing succulent plant named for its beautiful heart-shaped leaves and long trailing vines. The String of Hearts can grow indoors as a hanging plant or outdoors as trailing ground cover or wall feature but prefers indirect sunlight and warm temperatures.

This beautiful succulent blooms with small magenta flowers in Spring and Summer. Its straightforward care requirements and beautiful heart-shaped leaves make the String of Hearts a timeless favorite.  

2. Burro’s Tail 

The Burro’s Tail – also known as Donkey’s Tail and Horse’s Tail – is covered with green, plump, rounded leaves radiating outward from multiple stems. These plants are adored for their unique foliage and trailing stems that can grow up to 3 feet or longer! 

Because of their long-trailing thick foliage, Burro’s tails will look fantastic when planted in hanging baskets or among other succulents in your garden. This popular succulent type is drought-tolerant and loves warm weather with low humidity. However, it can be prone to sunburn in hot weather so be sure it’s placed in an area with partial shade in warm Summer months.  

3. String of Bananas 

The String of Bananas plant is a popular trailing succulent that has plump, green, “mini-banana” shaped leaves. It’s similar to the string of pearls plant, but it’s known to be much more hardy and easier to care for. 

These beautiful, unique plants thrive in warm, indirect sunlight and can grow well in most indoor and outdoor conditions. The banana-shaped leaves may be toxic to pets, however, which makes the String of Bananas a great choice for a high-hanging succulent.

4. Trailing Jade

This beautiful and popular succulent features rounded, blue-green, tear-shaped leaves and thick, fleshy stems that can grow more than 20 inches long. Trailing Jade grows well indoors in hanging pots or baskets, but looks stunning outdoors as ground cover. Trailing Jade thrives in warmer weather and is considered drought-tolerant and easy to grow making it a popular succulent for beginners and seasoned green-thumbs alike.  In the Winter, the leaves fade into shades of purple!

5. October Daphne 

The October Daphne is a drought and heat-tolerant, cold-hardy succulent with seasonal color-changing rounded “scalloped” leaves, making it a popular choice for unique succulent collectors. In its natural habitat, this special plant grows as a natural ground cover. Indoors, it’s most commonly kept in hanging pots, baskets, or in rock gardens. 

The seasonal color changes of the October Daphne are just one of the reasons why so many people adore this succulent. In the Summer, The October Daphne leaf margins deepen to a deep-pink color and radiate outwards from stems up to 2 feet long. In the Fall and Winter months, it blooms with tiny bright pink star-shaped flowers! 

6. Ruby Necklace  

The Ruby Necklace is a popular succulent variety that features thick, bean-shaped leaves that grow from central radiating reddish-purple stems. Like most succulents, this sun-loving, drought-tolerant plant can survive in a variety of conditions. When stressed by temperatures that are too hot or too cold, the leaves turn a bright ruby-red color which is where this beautiful succulent gets its name. The Ruby Necklace is low maintenance, grows well once established, and looks stunning in any hanging garden. 

7. Fishbone Cactus 

The fishbone cactus, sometimes called the zig-zag cactus or Queen of the Night, is a succulent that is well-loved among plant enthusiasts. It’s admired for its unique fleshy green leaf shape – which resembles a fishbone or zigzag pattern – and large white flowers that open at night and release a strong, sweet scent. 

The fishbone cactus is relatively low-maintenance and can thrive in bright, indirect sunlight either indoors or outdoors. However, it dislikes extreme heat or cold and enjoys a bit of humidity. With its fascinating appearance, unique evening blooms, and relatively easy care requirements, its easy to see why people love the Fishbone cactus.

8. String of Pearls 

String of Pearls is a popular cascading succulent plant known for its beautiful light green, sphere-like leaves that grow from skinny long-reaching vines, giving it the appearance of a “string of pearls”. When kept outdoors, the string of pearls comes alive at Springtime with white flowers that emit a scent similar to cinnamon or vanilla! This striking plant is drought-tolerant and prefers a combination of full to partial sun. However, the “sweet spot” for this plant is around 70° – 80°Fahrenheit. 

Just like its relative String of Bananas, String of Pearls leaves may be toxic to pets, which makes it ideal for high-hanging succulents. String of Pearls looks striking in hanging baskets or as ground cover in your garden!  

9. String of Coins 

The String of Coins succulent plant, sometimes called String of Nickels, has flat, rounded, greenish-silver leaves, bearing similarity to coins on a string. In the Summertime, it blooms with tiny cream-colored flowers.

This popular trailing plant is related to the other “string” succulents – like the string of pearls, for example. However, the String of Coins is unique in its own right. This wild plant has the ability to grow on other plants, wood, and even rocks! This special ability makes it a highly-desired plant for rock gardens, living wreaths, hanging baskets, or as a unique companion plant among your other succulents. 

10. Calico Kitten 

Calico Kitten is a beautiful plant with colorful heart-shaped leaves that resemble cat ears layered along long-trailing stems. The leaves are light to dark green, but turn shades of pinkish-purple when exposed to full sun. The Calico Kitten also blooms small white flowers in Spring that accentuate the pink heart leaves and make them a very popular house plant. The trailing vines of this popular succulent can reach 12” or longer, which makes it suitable for hanging pots and basket gardens.   

11. String of Watermelon 

The String of Watermelons is a popular, fast-growing, cascading succulent in the same family as the String of Pearls. However, instead of resembling pearls, String of Watermelons is known for its plump, striped, oval leaves that look just like mini-watermelons! In the Springtime, tiny white flowers emerge from its long-growing cascading vines giving this plant an almost tropical feel!  The String of Watermelons loves bright, partial sun and can be grown indoors year-round or outdoors in warmer climates.  

12. Trailing Grey Fishhook 

Trailing grey fishhooks, sometimes called the Fishhooks Plant or String Of Fishhooks, is a trailing succulent that gets its name from its leaf shape which looks like dangling barbed hooks on a wire. This plant is prized for its long Summer growth, low-maintenance care requirements, and its impressive, unique leaf appearance. It’s drought tolerant, heat resistant, and easy to take care of even for those new to gardening. 

13. String of Turtles 

When it comes to the most universally loved hanging succulents, the String of Turtles is a clear stand-out. This enchanting succulent has captured the hearts of plant enthusiasts around the world with its trailing vines of dome-shaped green leaves that look like a chain of mini-turtle shells. String of turtles is a relatively low-maintenance and drought-tolerant plant that can survive indoors and outdoors. This plant creates a beautiful waterfall effect when kept in hanging planters, baskets, or shelves.    

14. Dancing Bones 

The dancing bones plant is a hanging succulent that loves water! So, for people who tend to overwater their plants, The Dancing Bones cactus may be the perfect succulent! One of the interesting things about the dancing bones plant is that it’s an epiphyte in addition to being a succulent! This means it’s so adaptable, that it will grow on other plants, trees, rocks, and soil. Dancing Bones plants look gorgeous hanging from baskets, in rock gardens, growing on trees, or as a ground cover feature in your succulent garden where it can grow up to 18 inches or longer. 

15. Dragon Jade 

The Dragon Jade is a hanging succulent plant whose tight, water-packed leaves resemble bright green dragon’s scales! This hanging plant is loved for its low-maintenance requirements and striking aesthetic – its scale-like leaves have even been known to change colors! Compared to other succulents, Dragon Jade grows more slowly and prefers sunny, humid environments.   Dragon Jade plants look almost magical when displayed climbing from shelves or hanging from baskets indoors or outdoors!