The Perfect Combination of Rustic and Succulents

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I like to set up vignettes that combine my love of rustic stuff with succulents. They can be planters or containers, or just rustic odds and ends that I plant with Sedum and Sempervivum. These versatile plants don’t need lots of soil, they survive and thrive quite nicely in a few teaspoons.


My old wood cook stove has had a hard life; now it’s time to relax and have fun with it. Here I’ve collected together anything that has a connection to cooking or baking, bringing them to the forefront and displaying them in or on the old stove.


These cake tin succulent mosaics need a little more time to get fully established before they can hang vertically. Meanwhile, they add to the kitchen atmosphere.


Finding old things in the thrift store can be fun, but then what do you do with them? Fill them with hardy succulents, of course! These are Jovibarba species, which have such tenacity and toughness planted in a silver plated chafing dish.


Anyone that knows me knows too that I have always loved blue; if it’s rustic and graniteware, so much the better. This little Sedum ellacombianum is showing her autumn colors which combine perfectly with the sky blue kettle.


The hypertufa thumb pots are happily cooking in the blue frying pan. All is just sizzling along and getting better with age.