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by Josh
(Los Angeles, California)


This succulent has wide, plump leaves, they have a purplish tint to them, and are very smooth. There are a few new leaves growing from the bottom of the plant, and these leaves are green. The shape of the succulent reminds me of an echeveria, but I’m not convinced that is what it is.

Comments for Unknown purplish succulent from Trader Joe’s

Sep 02, 2014

Yes, I am an Echeveria
by: Jacki

This is an Echeveria from the looks of it. There are lots of different forms but this one is fairly typical of the genus. See more here.

The new leaves that are green indicate that it’s not getting enough light, so maybe keep it somewhere that is a little brighter. These plants originate where they get intense sunlight for 12 hours a day, so trying to grow it in shade or indoors it will really struggle.

The alternative of course is to get a grow light for it.

Find out more about how to grow them here.

Happy Succulent Growing!

Sep 02, 2014

succulent ID
by: From Florida

I believe it’s a Graptoveria Debbie

Sep 02, 2014

Definitely an option…
by: Jacki

x Graptoveria ‘Debbie’ is a generic hybrid, which is usually indicated with the x in front. It’s a hybrid of Graptopetalum, and (no surprise there) Echeveria.