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by Robert

Another set for ID

Here are 3 more to be identified if you can help me,i think the one on the right is Pachyphytum oviferum,the other might be an Echeveria species but need more details,and please correct me if I’m wrong.


Comments for Another set for ID

Sep 24, 2010

Good guess!
by: Jacki

Hi Robert,
You’re getting good at this!

That is certainly Pachyphytum oviferum – dead giveaway; the fat puffy leaves and lots of the waxy bloom.

The center one is some type of Echeveria, but they are difficult to pin down exactly, and the other little green one is a Haworthia, again hard to identify exactly.

Keep in mind that Haworthia prefer a little more moisture and a little less light than Echeveria and other succulents, so you will need to be careful watering just enough for the Haworthia while not drowning the other plants.