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This succulent? was given to me as a gift. It’s habit is prostrate. It is square with nubs growing up it. The nubs are alternate to the edge next to it, opposite to the edge across from it. The color is pale green with pale purple overtones.

Drought Smart Plants reply:
This is some type of Huernia, the Carrion Flower.

Eventually, once it’s thoroughly root bound and you’ve ignored it for a bit, you’ll notice a dreadful stench, which will mean that it’s blooming. The smell is of carrion, or dead meat, which attracts the flies that pollinate it. The flowers are also a rich dark red, just like the colour of blood, for the same reason.

They are easy to care for, provided you don’t over water them. Any succulent with this type of fleshy leaves generally requires thorough watering, and then allowing them to dry out almost completely. This can actually trigger the bloom cycle, which now I’ve described it, you’ll most likely be intensely curious about it! If possible, allow it to dry out almost completely over the winter, and then start watering it in April or May, to trigger the bloom for the summer, when you can put it outside. I’m serious, it’s really foul in some species.

Good luck with your Carrion Flower!

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