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by Lauren


(If my description isn’t clear, the pictures will hopefully be helpful!)

My plant, affectionately named Chuck Norris, has many spiked “arms” coming from the bottom. Each arm is covered in small white bumps.

Normally the arms are green under the white bumps, but right now they’re rather brown/purple, which I’m afraid means Chuck is not doing well.

Comments for unidentified succulent named Chuck Norris

Aug 10, 2010

Poor Charley Brown!
by: Jacki

Hi Lauren – you are right in your assumption that Chuck isn’t doing well.

Firstly, your little plant is a Haworthia fasciata, or some people have a very similar plant called Haworthia attenuata requiring similar care. Look on the Haworthia page for more information.

Second, Chuck is in a really big pot for such a small plant. Here’s what I suggest:

Take a deep breath.

Take Chuck carefully out of the pot, and look at the roots.

There is a good chance that he has root rot, so take a sharp razor blade or scissors and ruthlessly cut off all dead or blackened roots. Repot in a smaller preferably terracotta pot with good drain holes in cactus soil mixed with some extra perlite or pumice if you can get it.

Don’t Water for a couple of days, then water thoroughly.

Allow to dry. You should see an improvement within a week, ie: new green growth, and the old leaves should plump up and turn green again.

Hopefully, you will have acted soon enough to save him, and now you know what kind of plant it is you can find out more about the right kind of care to keep him happy and healthy.

Good luck and please post again to let us know how it goes.

Aug 11, 2010

Chuck Norris
by: Countrymouse

Poor Chuck,
Not only is he not well, the poor guy has to undergo surgery by an unqualified surgeon.

Hope you can save the little blighter, the Haworthias are lovely, undemanding little plants. It seems unfair that the succulents appeal to our nurturing side – you just want to take care of them – yet it is this nurturing drive that gets them in trouble as we tend to overwater them!

Tell Chuck he has a “cheering section” in Canada, let us know how he makes out.

Guess it would be a bit much to send flowers. 🙂

Aug 11, 2010

oh dear!
by: Anonymous

Too true! I am possibly THE most unqualified surgeon… but hopefully even my untrained hands won’t cause too much damage. You’re right about how forgiving they are… I’ve grown to adore how low-maintenance succulents and cacti are. 🙂

Aug 12, 2010

Chuck & friends
by: Countrymouse

Hey Lauren,
Their forgiving nature certainly is a plus with the succulents and cacti. I also love their subtle beauty, and the tremendous variety available.
Sending healing energy to Chuck. 🙂

Jun 04, 2018

Have same plant.
by: Sue

I was given this plant about 4 years ago in a jar of water and it was cutting from larger plant. I change the water and rinse the roots every 5 days or sol Is doing well and has the tall wiry stalk with pale pink bloosimes at top. Is doing well. Have it living room window where it gets filtered light. Finally found out the name of it and printed picture from on line photo. From this section. thank you for posting about it.

Jun 04, 2018

Not an Aquatic Plant
by: Jacki

FYI – these plants can’t live indefinitely in water – as soon as it gets roots, plant it in the appropriate soil (ie: cactus mix or something similar).