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by Amjad

Hello Jackie,
a couple of ranunculi i planted late in october(zone 11)
are starting to grow leaves,i keep them outside
lots of light with no direct sunlight
water them every 10 days,
what shall i do next if i want to let them flower indoors
or you recommend to keep them where they are
and enjoy the view??
Secondly,i am planting tulips outdoor in pots
shall i water them right away after planting
or let nature take its coarse ,your recommendations
Thanks a bunch,

Hi Amjad, your garden is burgeoning with color! Ranunculus are one plant I’ve never grown so I can’t speak from personal experience.

My favorite gardening book says that these plants will flower soon after they start to show sprouts – water carefully, especially when they’re just planted as tubers, as they will rot quickly if over watered before the growth starts. I would say that in your climate they should be totally happy outdoors while blooming, and the blooms may also last longer outside.

After blooming, the leaves have to be allowed to die down and dry out for their dormant period.

For the tulips, I would water them once, and then let nature take care of them. It’s recommended that they receive a cool period while the roots are forming for the best display.

When the weather is right, the leaves and blooms appear – it’s hard to imagine that all those leaves and flowers are stored away in the bulb, just waiting for the right time. Tulips originated in Turkey, not far away from you, but have been hybridized into many forms and shapes.