by Melissa
(Hamilton Ohio)


JM Succulents fabulous succulent planter

I want to replace my annuals with something to take it through to fall. My annuals never did really bloom and look pretty this year because of extreme heat in Ohio. I need to pull them up and replace them with something with color. They are all potted plants. I am listing my home for sale and I want it to look alive and pretty for open house. Help! Winter Pansies? I have no clue.

Hi Melissa – my all time favorite plants are – you guessed it – hardy succulents! Why not get a selection of Sempervivum and Sedum, and put together some gorgeous planters – these plants will both do well up until a hard frost, especially the Sempervivum, which change into their winter colors as the days get shorter and nights cooler. Plant them thickly, cheek by jowl for a full look.

Many Sedum are trailing, so add that soft look.

The added bonus is that these will in most cases survive the winter with good snow cover, so you can either take them with you to your new house, or leave them for the new owners to delight in when they emerge from the winter drabness.

Best of luck with your house sale!

See the plants I mention here: Sedum and Sempervivum.

Comments for Too hot for flowers

Aug 05, 2012

Urns, cascading with Succulents
by: Marina

I’ve seen pictures of classical urns and birdbaths with succulent plants cascading out of them, love this idea for a fall planter. I’m off to find some of the plants you mention, and do some plant pot renovating of my own! Thanks for the inspiration!