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by Rita




Flat leaves, diamond shape, layered
Unique “flowers” that look like mini green houses

Hi Rita, someone else asked me about these same plants – and I told them the same thing – those are super cool, but I have no idea what they are! I’m hoping some real expert botanist will be along soon, and tell us all what kind of plant this is. Love the texture, and the little greenhouse effect!

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Mar 07, 2013

gentania urnula
by: Manny

The plant in question which looks like a star is the Gentania Urnula.

Mar 09, 2019

How do I buy one?
by: JoElla

Would love to purchase one!

What is this?

by Angie
(Traverse City, MI)


Saw this picture on someone’s blog. They did not seem to know what it was, so I am trying to find out myself. It blooms large white flowers with black vertical stripes that seem to create a bubble which traps moisture inside the flower. The pictures were taken in Tingri, Tibet and looks like a dry area. Any information would be great!

Drought Smart Plants reply: Wow, what a great texture! There is no end to the variety and texture of these amazing plants, that’s for sure!

I’m so sorry I don’t instantly recognize this plant – I would remember if I had ever seen it before. My strong suite is not the plants of Tibet, unfortunately. It looks as though my education is sorely lacking.

I’ll keep looking, hopefully I’ll run across it again.

Very unusual plant – I would love to see a picture of the flower, that sounds fascinating. Talk about perfectly evolved for the conditions!


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Aug 07, 2012

Some type of Crassula
by: haveda

Similar to the Crassula pyramidalis, but that doesn’t seem to be quite it.

Aug 09, 2012

Gentiana urnula?
by: haveda

Gentiana urnula?

Mar 23, 2013

Tibetan Succulent
by: Anonymous

I looked for it too. The picture I found was when I searched for star and diamond, not starfish. It came up as a Tibetan Succulent. I’m calling Mountaincrest Gardens to see if they sell it.

I’m going to say that Haveda is bang on the money; here is a link to more information:

Image search on Bing

Yay! We found it.

Isn’t Horticulture great?

i would love to know what this succulent is

by Cody


i found this on the internet and thought was beautiful. i’d love to add this to my succulent collection šŸ™‚ any help is appreciated

I don’t know exactly what that gorgeous plant is, but it’s been suggested that it’s a type of Crassula. Others have been just as taken with the same pictures and asked about the plant here:

Tibetan Succulent – sorry I don’t know more about it.