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by Desiré


Hello! I got these as favors from a wedding and am not sure what either of them are.

The blackish purple one looks dead, but has a little bit of green inside near the soil. It’s leaves are tough too, gritty to the touch and not easily squished. They’re also pretty thick.

The taller one has sticks coming out from the stems. Some of the sticks are pinkish in color and others are hard and brown.

Can I pull off the hard brown sticks? Are they dead? The leaves are smooth with a powdery substance on them. They’re green but a bit pinkish/orangish around the edges.

Any idea what they are?

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Oct 08, 2017

Some kind of Kalanchoe?
by: Jacki

It’s really hard to tell from your picture what this is, sorry. There are lots of Kalanchoe species that are easy to grow, and could be what people would give as wedding favors, mostly because they’re harder to kill, and more resistant to the damage they’ll get from non-gardeners.

So, if this is what they are, there is more about them here.

I would be careful just pulling any ‘sticks’ from the plant, as you may just pull the whole thing apart. Cut them off close to the plant if you need to.

The powdery substance is normal, and it’s part of the plants sunscreen. This indicates that these plants need a LOT of light. Don’t overwater them!