by Melinda


Sedum confetti, ready for use

I wasn’t sure this would work – but it does! I pulled off all kinds of different leaves from many Sedum varieties that I have growing in my garden, and used it for a ‘green’ version of confetti.

I’m not sure how this would go over with weddings held at churches or public places, but for my sisters lovely garden wedding, it worked perfectly.

In time, some of the leaves may grow roots and sprout, but they’re easy to move or just leave in place as a permanent memento of a perfect day. The leaves will stay perfectly good for days if you do them ahead of time, and I even put in some of the tiny blooms of one little Sedum which has really delicately attached leaves – perfect for easy preparation.

Some didn’t want to let go of the leaves – I left them for later, and as they dried out they pretty much just shed them naturally.

With the banning of rice and paper confetti, this may just be a good option – think about it as a replacement for a really old fashioned tradition – confetti was used as a goodwill gesture and a nod to pagan fertility rituals. Can’t wait for those lovely little nieces and nephews to arrive!

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Jun 08, 2015

~ Just Super ~
by: Jennie

I love it ! reminds me of fresh water pearls !

Thank you for sharing ~ Jennie