by Zachary Morin
(Bristol, CT, USA)


My mom and dad went to the local walgreens and decided to get me a lithops that looked like some butts as a joke and this mystery plant. Its fuzzy to the touch but very neat. Please help identify it.

I love Lithops, but you’re right – they do look like a plumbers crack in miniature!

I’m thinking that the one that resembles a plush toy is some kind of Kalanchoe, which are easy to grow succulents and usually have (eventually) brightly colored flowers. Yours have a ways to go until they reach that stage, but something to aim for, for sure.

Most Kalanchoe require bright light to do best, and periodic deep watering. Allow it to dry out quite a bit in between.

Yours most likely will appreciate being potted into a larger pot fairly soon, and put outside until the fall, but they are not frost hardy, so they’ll have to spend the winter indoors. I recommend a grow light so that they get the required 12 hours of light per day. Otherwise, they will tend to get leggy and weak.

See more about succulent care for more general information, and see this page for interesting facts about Kalanchoe species.

Happy Succulent Growing!

Comments for Tall fuzzy light green succulent plant.

Jul 30, 2012

Thank you
by: Zachary

Thank you so much for the help. And I do agree with the fact that it need to be re potted soon. Both are root bound and I will be tending to them soon. 🙂

Nov 15, 2013

Kalanchoe eriophylla
by: Rosemarie

Your fuzzy plant is Kalanchoe eriophylla.